A Special Spaniel

JeffFOR Independence Day I have adopted my springer spaniel.

When I was a girl my cousin Johnny had a springer spaniel named Jeff. He was the sweetest, funniest dog. If you said "sic 'em!" to him, he ran around the yard in circles. Back then no one knew chocolate was bad for dogs, and it never seemed to bother Jeff: my aunt fed him Cocoa Puffs and milk for breakfast! He lived a long, happy life and I remember him with great affection.

So you see, I couldn't help naming a Webkinz spaniel after the real thing.

Jeff is the proprietor of my general store, which I constructed from the general store theme as well as some other pieces, like the drinks fridge, condiment stand from the movie theme, sink, blender, etc. The vegetables come fresh from his garden, which he sleeps next to to keep away the gophers!

Jeff's General Store

Jeff also owns the adjoining bakery/luncheonette which sells candy and gifts as well! You can set a spell at Jeff's, have a burger or a bagel, and maybe hang out with your pals playing a game of "Go Fish!"

Jeff's Bakery and Snack Shop