Double or Nothing (With Reservations)

Flag (no matter what it says)THE moment I saw the deer—really a fawn—I was determined to have one and name him after Jody's deer in The Yearling (yes, I know Flag came to a bad end, but it was too good a name to pass up).

Except Webkinz wouldn't let me name him "Flag." They said that was "a forbidden word." Eh? They have this vocabulary thing now, so that idiots can't post dirty words in the KinzChat Plus rooms, so many words are forbidden. For instance, you can't name a cow "Buttercup" or "Butter"-anything because it has "Butt" in it. [eyes roll] Just in case they were not seeing the L, and interpreting "Flag" as "Fag," I tried "Phlag" (which I hated, but...). Nope. "Lag" apparently is a "bad word"!

So this says my deer's name is "Jody." No, his name is "Flag." No matter what the certificate says, his name is "Flag." So there.

BanditAnd my other woodland creature, adopted along with Flag, a bit late but in honor of autumn, is the darling little chickadee. His name was easier, since Webkinz didn't object and he is wearing a mask, after all. (So I guess in Webkinz World, "bandits" are okay, but "flags" are not. Heh.)


I managed to do a third-level KinzPost Sorter!

Adoption Just Because

OwenIT'S September. I work in purchasing. Therefore I hate September.

So I have adopted my Siamese "just because." (And perhaps in honor of the leaves scudding about for Fall Festival.)

No, he's not named after Burn Gorman's character on Torchwood. :-) I purchased him in the FYE in Owensboro, Kentucky, when we went up to see the Remember WENN radio play. Ergo...

The Floating Leaves

FALL festival is early this year! Last year it was held in October.

Fall Festival 2008

The "corn dolly" cow, leaf sweater, and apple hat (yes, thank God) are gone this year, replaced by an orange sweater, a cornucopia, and a fall place setting for a table (you can see the cornucopia and sweater above).

Today the leaves have been flying pretty quickly, like the first day of Winterfest earlier in the year. I'm sure Ganz will twig and they'll slow down soon, so I'm trying to nab as many as possible.

Frankly, I think they should keep them flying fast. Webkinz, after all, is primarily for children, and most parents limit their kids' computer time to an hour or so. On the regular six-minute interval setting, you can't get much in an hour, and if you want to do an autumn room, not very conducive to doing so.


FOUND a chickadee! Also a sheep!

Latest (and Belated) Adoptions

TOO busy with real life to have updated here...

TikiOf course I had to have a flying pet! I didn't adopt the toucan for ages because I couldn't think of a name for him. The name of the Froot Loops toucan would have been too corny. I checked the encyclopedia for names in the toco toucan's home range, but I didn't like any of them. So I ended up with corny anyway. :-) It suits him. Adopted July 20.

HoarfrostAnother adoption that took forever because of the name. I wanted something associated with winter, but not all that common. Hence, "hoarfrost," although he's known by the more casual name of "Frosty." Adopted July 26.

ParkerI'd dismissed the rhino since I figured it was just a hippo with a horn and I didn't like the hippo.

Then this fellow looked at me.

A nosy person is often known as a "Nosey Parker," which is also the name for Lady Penelope's chauffeur in Thunderbirds. So "Parker" he became. Adopted August 9.

SnowfireA two-for-one! Anyone older than dirt like me remember the movie Snowfire? It was made in 1958 and was a children's matinee movie and television staple for years. Here's TCM's synopsis of the film. I paged through my memories for other white horse names—Maestoso Borina from White Stallion of Lipizza, El Blanco from the Disney short, Aladdin from the episode of The Virginian, Silver...then I remembered the movie. (I did a search for it online; you wouldn't believe how many people are trying to find a copy of this film!)

Adopted September 4.

SammySammy is just named after the blue jay in the Thorton W. Burgess "Old Mother West Wind" stories. His friends were Johnny [Wood]Chuck, Peter Rabbit, etc. Adopted September 4.