Thanks, I Think

WELL, after nearly ten months membership, I've joined the elite company of those who have received the following special item on the Wheel of WOW:

1 KinzCash prize


"Him, Him, Him..."

RupertSINCE I've adopted my schnauzer on Rupert Holmes' birthday, and since he has a beard just like Mr. Holmes...

Not Yeti

SherpaWELL, what else would you name a Himalayan cat? :-)

(Talk about blue eyes! You can see this one's across the room!)

Trouble in Webkinz Paradise

THERE are several Webkinz websites that list what rare items are going to be at the curio shop in advance. This way if you want something special you do not have to log on every hour to see what's in the curio shop. It's always been especially useful for schooldays and work days. Now Ganz has moved the information from where it used to be and asked the sites that were showing the previews to not do so any longer.

Let's say it hasn't endeared anyone to Ganz.

Two-Digit Diva

IT happened again. I've been doing the Big Button of Kinz Cash any time it was available since May 23, 2007, and only once have I gotten any more than a two-figure amount (and then it was only W150 or something like that. Tonight the grand total was W39. I've had W59, W43, and other amounts of that ilk. But three-digit amounts seem to be as rare as a politician with scruples.

Nostalgia Strikes Again

IF naming a Webkinz after Lowell Thomas wasn't enough, I've mined the past again.

Two of the first pets in Webkinz World were the Cheeky Dog and Cheeky Cat, and they have been hotly collected ever since. They are both cartoony looking animals, and IMHO, the Cat is the homeliest thing I've ever seen, both the stuffie and the avatar. On the other hand, the Dog avatar has always looked cute, but I'd never seen many pics of the stuffie to form an opinion. I do know both of them sell for about $250-$300 on E-bay.

Mighty ManfredGanz reported a new "cheeky surprise" for the new year in Webkinz Insider and it was fulfilled with the release this month of the black and white Cheeky Dog. I saw a photo of it and decided if it really looked that cute I might buy one.

It does and I did. He reminded me of something I'd seen on TV.

Of course he isn't pink (but then I only saw the show in black and white anyway), but he reminded me a good deal of Mighty Manfred, the sidekick of Tom Terrific, one of the cartoons that was shown on Captain Kangaroo back in the 1960s. Hence the name.

All Heart in Webkinz World

NOW if they'd only fix it so we could feed our pets again, since all the gift foods are going a-begging.

A friendly greeting upon opening:

Valentine Gift Announcement

Plus a newspaper story, with the Valentine gift box showing down at the bottom:

Valentine Greeting

The Love Puppy gets greedy:

Valentine Card

And the gifts:

Valentine Gifts

Lowell of Arabia

LowellI was faced with a surfeit of names for a grey horse, but somehow all of them didn't fit. There was February Callendar's "Grey Arab" (very simple), Dr. Syn's Gehenna (too grim), and Woodpigeon (name of the grey horse in the Flambards series), but all were older grey horses, who turn white as they get older (Lipizzaners start out black, then grey until they are completely white). A horse the color of soot was ... well, yeah, a horse of a different color.

Then I remembered the joke about calling an Arabian horse "Lawrence," coupled with Thursday's Young Indiana Jones in which he meets Lowell Thomas, who was the man who brought young "Ned" to the public's attention. Lowell Thomas' biography, Good Evening, Everybody, is one of my favorites of all time and was a particular favorite during my college years; I had it with me on one of our cross-country tours. Since the documentary that followed the Young Indy tale was fresh in my mind...

2 Cute 4 Words

GIVE the Webkinz artists A+ for adorableness here, especially that sugar-sweet "Cubbit":

rabbit cupid     greedy love puppy

A Sweetie

I wish I'd known about Webkinz in time to get this puppy, which is now selling for a minimum of $75.00 (more like $125.00 to $175.00). I like stuffed animals, especially this cutie, but not that much. LOL.

Love Puppy Valentines Day promo