Webkinz Day!

THANK God for Webkinz Day, since it seems to be the only time I ever get a trophy.

Webkinz Day notification

Webkinz Day!

The card was not animated this year:

Webkinz Day card

Webkinz Day gifts

Easter by Any Other Name

GANZ makes me laugh. They won't designate the day as "Easter" because of its Christian connotations.

Yo, guys, you're supposed to be "educational" as well as fun—at least that's what you claim. "Easter" comes from "Eostre," a Pagan term. Bunnies and eggs are also Pagan symbols. Duh.

Anyway...look! A gift in the dock...


And the front page announces "spring"...


Spring critters frolic...


And some Easter gifts. The rug is sure better than the silly egg shoes.


Easter Adoption

FelicityTHE stuffed lamb was sooooooooo cute! (Of course I waited until it came out and not those advance copies that were going for $200 on EBay...you guys had to be kidding!) Both the stuffed pet and the virtual are huggable.

In the American Girls books, Felicity Merriman, from 1774, has a pet lamb named Posy.

I didn't like "Posy," so I named her "Felicity."