They're Flocking This Way

GemmaI'VE had these two for what seems like ages. I just couldn't think of names for either of them, especially the hummingbird. It was either "Flit" from Pocahontas or some other overused name, like "Rosie" and "Jewel."

Then I took a second look at "Jewel" and twisted it a bit.

Will ScarletThe cardinal was even more difficult. I couldn't think of anything but Catholic jokes. At one time I flippantly considered "Cushing." (He was the archbishop in Boston while I was growing up and was always in the news.)

But instead, something different.

A Late Christmas Critter

GingerbreadHIS name is Gingerbread. Of course. LOL. I meant to adopt him on Epiphany, but things just got out of hand.

And I didn't intend to buy a cocker spaniel either (well, an original cocker, anyway; I have the American cocker), but the face on the fuzzy for this one just got me.

(I'm with Gingerbread, BTW—I think going on vacation is really awesome, too!)