Have a Batty Hallowe'en

RenfieldMY original thought for a bat name was "Belfrey."

But then I remembered the crazed little character in Love at First Bite. What could be better for an insect eater than "Renfield"?

Not Bigger Than A Breadbox

BennettWANTED to do something to celebrate it having gotten cold today; the least expensive option was to adopt a pet.

I hadn't intended to buy a Lil Kinz black-and-white cheeky dog, as I was perfectly satisfied with my large acquisition ("Mighty Manfred"), then one little guy smiled at me from a rack. His cheeky little smile reminded me of an "old friend" whom I watched every night.

Mr. Cerf, this one's for you. :-)

(I notice Bennett likes puzzles, as did Mr. Cerf, which makes the name all the more appropriate.)


I actually WON a Quick Draw! I didn't think that was possible!

I won a Quick Draw

New For October

Scott SherwoodADOPTED in honor of cool breezes, cold fronts from Canada, turning leaves, and October eves.

Er, what else would a Remember WENN fan name a wolf? :-)