Webkinz Day

CELEBRATING Webkinz 3rd Anniversary!

A greeting and a gift in the dock when logging on early this morning!

Webkinz Day 1

When we arrive in the Royal Room, home of Treve (pictured) and Flax (my German Shepherd), there's a letter for us...

Webkinz Day 2

...which contains a card! (You can't see the animation in the screen cap: the penguin jumps up and down, the velvety elephant wiggles his ears, etc.)

Webkinz Day 3

And here are our Year 3 trophy, photo, and other gifts!

Webkinz Day 4

The New Guys on the Block

GertrudeI adopted Gertrude on Easter Day. She is named after a much less lucky Gertrude, the duck in Journey to the Center of the Earth, who ended up as a meal for the awful Count Saknussen (he got his "just dessert" a few minutes later when he is buried in a rock slide).

But I call her "Trudy" after Adrian Monk's wife.

(Hmn. Another dead character. Could I want her to be a...::groan::...dead duck? Never!)

FarfelAs for this fellow, also adopted on Easter, what else would you name a chocolate-colored dog?

"N-E-S-T-L-E-S...Nestlè's makes the very best...chocccccc-late!"

For you non-baby boomers who have no idea what I'm waffling about: here's the original pushing a Nestlè premium and a 1990s version of Farfel (and family!) doing a Christmas commercial and singing the famous jingle.

AbigailHere are a couple from the beginning of this month: Abigail is named after Abigail Adams, because I noticed after I bought her that she was pigeon-toed. This comes from a scene in 1776, taken from John and Abigail Adams' real-life letters, where they are discussing her faults as John had listed them in a previous letter. To each fault, John protests, "That was an endearment!" or "A compliment!" or something similar, until Abigail says, "That I am pigeon-toed." He responds, "Well, you have me there, Abigail. You are pigeon-toed."

JackJack is named after Jack the bulldog in the Little House books by Laura Ingalls Wilder. (No, TV series watchers, Jack was not a shaggy mutt, nor was he whatever breed of dog that portrayed him in the Disney Channel miniseries. Of course, the real Jack was what they called a bulldog back then, which is closer to Pete the Pup in the Our Gang shorts or Chance in Homeward Bound.)

Jack was a Valentines Day gift, along with Skippy the (bush) kangaroo.

Ears or Patches?

WEBKINZ Insider, which has been uncannily accurate with ferreting out the Pet of the Month almost since the program began last fall, has told us for over a month that they found out the POTM for May would be a panda. However, when Webkinz announces the present Pet of the Month, they always have the next month's POTM in a little iris underneath.

Now some folks who already went out and purchased pandas are upset because the May critter is announced to be a Lil Kinz cocker spaniel, not a panda.

By accident, I have it covered both ways, but I can see where they'd be upset.

(Maybe it's an April Fools joke? I've already see several of them this morning already.)