"I Got A Rock..."

TO quote Charlie Brown.

I got a rock

News Brigade

THE Webkinz home page addressed the garden problem by telling us that "Nafaria" (the evil fairy from the Fairy Forest) had hexed our plants. Uh-huh. Yeah, sure. Last night the message changed and every single garden item was ready for harvest. Boy, did I make a bundle selling to the W Shop.

Some new pets are confirmed for May; here they are in virtual form. The Samoyed is Too Cute! The Gecko looks too much like a frog and the rhino like a hippo with a horn. And, why, oh, why, a pink dragon? Purple would have been okay, but pink? Ugh.

Here's the plush "Sammie."

One of the April animals is an American cocker spaniel; very tempting to buy and give it the name of one of Gladys Taber's cockers, like Honey or Teddy.

Following the pink poodle for April and the panda for May, the Pet of the Month for June is confirmed as an elephant. I have a panda virtual pet card, and an elephant in my stash.

Easter in Webkinz World

EXCEPT it can't be called "Easter" (which is silly, because "Easter" comes from "Eostre," a Pagan goddess). Pre-announcements:

Spring ad 1

Spring ad 2

Spring ad 3

And on March 23:

Spring gift

One of the gifts was a bit chinzy: you can buy the tulips in the W Shop. Usually the Spring/Easter gift is something novel.

Spring gift announcement

Lowell models the egg shoes:

Spring ornaments

There was a clever animated card, too, but I didn't cap it properly.

Where Are My Plants?

WELL, this is a glitch I've never seen before.

Poor Lowell wants to know where all the vegetables went...

Where are my plants?

Where are my plants?

Getting the Jump on Things

SkippyI'D toyed with adopting my black poodle today, but adopted the kangaroo I got for Valentines Day instead.

After all, it is is the first day of spring.


(g,d, and rlh, as we used to say)

I was going to name her "Clancy" after Liza Goddard's character on Skippy the Bush Kangaroo (the ultimate Baby Boomer's Australian association)—since my koala is named "Rafferty" it would have continued the Irish name theme. But I copped out and went straight to the source. How could I resist naming her "Skippy"?

Right now she's sitting next to Schuyler's cage and Schuyler is happily whistling at her.

Not to Forget Those Numbers

NorbertAS a reward for surviving those numbers today, I adopted my velvety elephant.

I decided he was much too sweet-looking for all the expected monikers: Hannibal, Kala Nag or Hathi (the elephants in The Jungle Book), Modoc. I toyed with "Trombone."

In the end, I named him "Norbert," probably because the day I bought him I was reading Beany Malone, in which she's dating a boy named "Norbett." Norbert sounds better to me and I can call him "Bertie" for short.

This Little Piggy

PicklesOH, yeah, I bought into the Pet of the Month thing again, just because the Lil Pig was so cute. (This despite the fact I haven't activated my larger pig yet.) Don't ask me where the name came from; I looked at the piggy and she told me her name. Maybe I was thinking of Buddy Sorrell's wife Pickles on The Dick Van Dyke Show.

Also picked up the Wacky Zingoz today; very cute! Wish there was a virtual one as well. "Wacky" gives you access to a new "extreme" Wacky Zingoz game. It also talks when you squeeze it, Wacky's stock phrases, like the giggle and "That tickles!" and "Zingozman!", etc.