The Guardian of Fall

CiderON Thanksgiving Day I adopted a brown Arabian. Despite hints to name him "Lawrence"—::cough::—I decided that since he'd be living in Autumn Acres he needed an appropriate name.

Hence, "Cider."

And hence his choice of best friends—well, we'll see.

After much debate with myself, I also bought the December Pet of the Month. I have a LilKinz Chihuahua, but I didn't like the larger ones: they looked hydroencephalatic (water on the brain). I said if I found one that didn't look like that, I'd buy it. I did, and I did.

It's Pilgrim Hat Time!

HAPPY Thanksgiving from Webkinz World—a card and gift basket, too.

Didn't Clementine model the Hallowe'en gift, too? The girl gets around.

Thanksgiving basket

Thanksgiving card

Thanksgiving gifts

Clementine in hat

Lucky Seven

YAY! I've made it to seventh level in the Curio Shop, which means Artie now holds up a sign of what time a sale or a rare item is coming up. It's only taken me six months (but then I don't tip the old coot every day).

You'd think after buying a W10,000 bowling alley and a hot air balloon and much other stuff, he would have upped me sooner.


ACTUALLY, they were chocolate ribbons.

Today at six-minute intervals, just like the leaves during the fall festival, a blue ribbon floated across the screen if you were in your room.

If you clicked upon it, you were awarded a "chocolate ribbon" to feed your pet.

CarmichaelON Monday I adopted a polar bear. After deciding not to name him "Iorek" (he's too sweet looking to be a panserbjørn, after all), I instead named him "Carmichael." As part of his room decoration, he will have the gold safe, of course. :-)

(And if you're too young to understand the joke, check here.)

Right now he's sleeping in the winter park along with Kimi the husky; once all the Christmas stuff comes out I can decide where I want to put a room with all the polar animals (the reindeer which I won't activate until after Thanksgiving and also a seal if I can ever find one).

In other news, I finally broke 20,000 points in "Go-Go Googles." Still no trophy. Sigh.

I Had to Wait for the Corn to Die

YES, I "killed" four innocent corn plants to get the frostbitten harvest look I needed for my fall yard.

Welcome to the Autumn Acres Lodge. I'd planned to put my Autumn Paw Print window in here, but it looked sooooo nice in the den next to the fireplace I couldn't bear it. I settled for covering most of the wheat field window with golden elms to try to project the illusion of a fall window. Yes, those are the jack o'lantern tables turned around so they are now pumpkin tables.

I was going to have my collie bunk here, but now I'm wondering if the brown Arabian might work better. The blue ribbon picture would work perfectly over the bed!

Autumn Acres Lodge

Here's the Autumn Acres Pumpkin Patch with sunflowers ready for harvest, and of course the pumpkin patch—nothing but sincerity as far as the eye can see! <g>—and the other harvest items. It's taken me so long to post these pictures because I've been waiting for the corn to die.

Autumn Acres Pumpkin Patch

And here's the Fall Shoppe where you can buy items to give your home that fall look. In the big refrigerator are cider and pumpkin soup, and the two wardrobes hold the leaf sweaters, autumn-colored toques, and apple hats. And again those pumpkin tables!

We have a big sale on corn dolls! :-)

Autumn Acres Fall Shoppe


This is a sandwich?THIS has to be the funniest looking sandwich I've ever seen (it's one of the prizes on the Wheel of WOW at the moment) , although I have to admit it has two slices and a filling. It's a chocolate sandwich cake? :-)

G'Day, Mate!

RaffertyIN celebration of Daylight Savings Time being over, an event well worth celebrating, IMHO, I adopted my koala today.

He's named after Australian actor Chips Rafferty.

Schuyler seemed fascinated by him. I held him up to the bars of the cage and she nibbled on the black fur of his nose and pecked at the "claws" on his foreleg.

Anyway, as I sat looking at the events for the day, it dawned on me that I OWN a Pet of the Month. I can then do all the POTM activities; I just don't get the cool adoption gifts for adopting in November of this year. Cool as far as I'm concerned.

Webkinz Fall Screen

Fall opening screen

The image was clipped, as you can see in an earlier entry, into three ads for the Fall Festival.

Special Gifts

Barney stands next to the Monkey and Monkey dollYES, truly Googles can stand up! Here's Barney admiring the Monkey and Monkey dummy won on the Wheel of YUM. (No bananas today!)

Incidentally, James adopted the November Pet of the Month tonight, the black bear. He's named "Tupelov." Ganz added two new Pet of the Month gifts, and one was a flying saucer that looked too cool; well, Tupelov's special gift was a flying saucer. He was seen happily flying it around the airfield (the one with two hot-air balloons, an airplane and two flying carpets).